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Todd Saxon, H.I.S.

Hearing Services

As part of your comprehensive eye examination you will receive a 60 second hearing screening that measures your ability to hear tones at various frequencies. If it is determined that hearing loss is present, a full in depth hearing evaluation will be scheduled with our hearing specialist Todd Saxon H.I.S. This service is available to patients free of charges and can be scheduled at your convenience in our Chippewa or Moon Twp. office.

The evaluation consists of a complete case history, a visual examination of your ear using a digital video otoscope to check the condition of your ear drum and ear canal, pure tone testing, word discrimination testing to verify the brain's ability to comprehend and a complete explanation of the results. If it is determined that a hearing aid could be beneficial, you will be provided with a demonstration of the latest in digital hearing aid technology. We will work with you to find a solution that best meets needs at prices hundreds or even thousands below the big regional chain stores. Financing options are also available to meet almost every budget.

Call 724-843-2728 (Chippewa) or 412-262-1530 (Moon Twp.) today to schedule your FREE Hearing Evaluation

There is absolutely no pressure or gimmicks— just a compassionate approach to explaining the effects of hearing loss and to answer all your questions regarding your hearing health.


Todd Saxon, H.I.S.
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